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Our Mission

We provide expert advice and guidance to parents and students in preparing for and navigating the college admissions process while helping students choose the right fit, where they will thrive, succeed, and graduate.

Our Services

Initial Consultation

To hire an educational consultant will cost less than 3% of a four-year college tuition bill -a wise and financially sound investment

Consultation Packages

One of the main reasons to hire an educational consultant is the individualized attention and the personalized plan designed for each student

Hourly Consultation

33% of students transfer to another institution - costing money and time (lost of credits) towards graduation

9th-10th Grade Consulting

Research has indicated that the 9th grade year is a strong predictor of students graduating high school, getting into college and continuing past their freshman year of college

11th-12th Grade Consulting

A survey has indicated that fewer than 45% of juniors and seniors feel prepared for college and career

Senior Year Consulting

The national average student to counselor ratio is 482 -1, with this ratio seniors are not getting the type of personalize guidance needed in applying for college

STEM Consulting

Only 35% of women graduate from STEM majors, a number that hasn’t changed in over a decade, yet currently 60% of college graduates are women.

Performing Arts Consulting

According to a New York Times article, “Pursuing a career in the performing arts can be an intimidating prospect, but choosing the right school can jump-start your career and put you ahead of your peers upon graduation”. Learn how Aspírian can guide you in choosing the right school.

Student Athletes Consulting

Student athletes need to be aware that there are required NCAA core courses that need to be completed in high school as well as a minimum GPA in order to be admitted to college and be eligible to play on a collegiate team

Our Process


Data Collection

Complete this questionnaire for us to better understand your educational goals.


Free 30 minute consultation with student and parent / guardian.


Initial Consultation


Individualized Plan

Within 24 hours of signing up with our services, you will receive an individualized plan of action for that academic year.

Flexible and convenient one-on-one online meetings held weekly, biweekly and quarterly.


Consultation Sessions

Student Testimonial

What was the problem you were having before you discovered my service?

Not having motivation because I felt like I was overwhelmed with all the steps I had to complete in the application process. Your service made it easier to see each step I needed to do and break it down to smaller more doable steps.

Student Testimonial

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

I felt a lot of nervousness and stress because it seemed like I was the only one of my friends who didn’t apply to schools yet. Having your service breakdown the steps of the process made me have a better balance of school, applying to colleges and still maintaining a social life.

Student Testimonial

Take me to the moment when you realized my service was actually working to solve your problem?

When I finally heard back from my schools and you gave me the pro and cons lists I had to fill out. It made me realize I was close to then end of the application process and finally felt less stress.

Student Testimonial

Tell me what life looks like now that your problem is being solved?

I am stress free and feel very successful and I am very excited to start college this fall!

Parent Testimonial

What was the problem you were having before you discovered Aspírian?

Before obtaining services with Rachel, my daughter lacked confidence academically. She was not happy with her standardized test scores and thought that the test scores defined her when applying to schools. Rachel helped her to realize that the test scores were only one component in the college application process. She encouraged her to prepare and retake the tests to improve her scores, helped her re-write her essay, and developed a list of schools that were a mix of safety, target, and reach schools to apply to. She also helped her decide her course of study. This was invaluable when making the list of schools that she would eventually apply to.

Parent Testimonial

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

Before working with Rachel, I would try to encourage Olivia to start working on her essay, for example, and she would get angry with me because she felt like I was pressuring her. Rachel was able to get Olivia to make a commitment to work with her. Having someone give her advice, other than mom, who had experience working with college aged students in the college admissions office made all the difference for Olivia. She felt secure knowing that Rachel would be walking her through the process from essay to move-in orientation week. Because the pressure was off me as her parent, Olivia and I were able to enjoy the time we spent talking about the choices for her future rather than it being a battle.

Parent Testimonial

What was the difference about Aspírian?

Rachel’s college counseling service is very professional, but at the same time, very personal. She took time to really get to know Olivia on a personal level while making sure that she was achieving all of the goals she had offered in her initial consultation.

Parent Testimonial

Take me to the moment when you realized Aspírian was actually working to solve your problem?

When I saw the relationship develop between Rachel and Olivia. When I began to hear myself say things like, “You can ask Rachel about that.” Then there were the days when Olivia opened the emails and stated she had been admitted into her top schools!

Parent Testimonial

Tell me what life looks like now that your problem is being solved?

Now, Olivia is confident about her ability to make informed choices about her future. She is not rushing into her decision, but rather taking time to ask lots of questions and gather information before making her choice of which school will be the best fit for her.

Meet our Founder

Rachel Fretz-Cianci, founder and owner of Aspírian Educational Consulting Firm, has over 14 years experience in Higher Education. Her progressive experience in admissions, recruitment academic advising, counseling, and teaching provide a well rounded perspective on the academic, social, emotional and financial decisions that go along with choosing the Right college.

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