Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a 30-minute meeting with the student and parents (family member) to evaluate the student’s academic record, college, and career goals, as well as discuss our available services.

Who is the initial consultation for?

The initial consultation is for both students and parents.

Students, who are interested in discovering how we can personalize our services to meet their academic needs and goals, need to schedule an initial consultation.

Parents, who want to learn how we can alleviate their stress and provide confidence in guiding their student to a college that is academically, socially, emotionally, and financially the right fit, need to schedule an initial consultation.

How does the initial consultation work?


Information Gathering

Complete the client questionnaire.


The initial consultation will be scheduled based on the student and parents’ availability.


Accommodating Schedule


Immediate Notification

An electronic invitation will be emailed to the student’s and parents’ emails.

The initial consultation will be conducted online via Zoom Online Conference.


Video Conferencing

What are the benefits of Aspirian consulting?


  • Experience individualized attention- one-on-one consultation sessions geared towards their academic goals and aspirations
  • Reduces Stress- more time to focus on current classes rather than stress about next steps towards college
  • Provides Confidence- students become more confident in the decisions they make due to having an expert guide them in the right direction
  • Empowers exploration-allows students to explore majors and colleges that are the best fit for them


  • Reduced Anxiety- experts guiding the college process
  • Allivenates Time Constraints- online meetings- no need to drive to appointments
  • Reduced Workload -we provide the tools to make the best decision
  • Saves Money-right fit means not transferring or losing credits

What will I leave with from the initial consultation?

  • Understanding the financial breakdown of package consultation versus the hourly consultation
  • Deeper comprehension of the complicated admissions process and the need to have professional guidance
  • Acknowledgement that the student’s best interest in our sole focus
  • Confidence of what the expectations are from all parties

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