Performing Arts Consulting

Performing arts majors are all very competitive, and you need to make sure that you are prepared once you apply to college. These majors now integrate entrepreneurial skills that can increase earning power once you begin your career.


Areas of Specialization

I know I want to study performing arts in college. How do I narrow down what specific major to apply for?

College Choice

Should I apply to a conservatory, a college that has a conservatory, or a college that has the major within a department?

College Auditions

When should I start to prepare for auditions, and what should I include in my portfolio?

School and Community Involvement

What can I do to express that I’m serious about preparing for a career in performing arts?

Our Promise

We understand the complexity of deciding to further your education in performing arts, so we have created a specific guide that will not only give you confidence in your decisions but allow you to showcase your skills in the best possible way.

College Majors

Best Fit


Pre-College Experience

The Proof

Performing arts education is offered at hundreds of institutions throughout the United
States, not just the handful of well-known ones that are being inundated with applications.

Professional casting directors recommend that students look for programs that are right for them, and once they arrive on the professional scene, their dedicated training and preparation will shine through, regardless of what school they attended.

According to top performing arts colleges, like Julliard, unless you portray that you are prepared and stand out in your audition performance, regardless of your stellar academics record, you won’t be admitted.

According to the College Press, “Pre-college summer programs allow high school students to get a taste of college life, preview their dream schools, and give a boost to their college applications.”

Opportunity & Next Steps

The opportunity to follow your performing arts passion can become a reality with the guidance of an Aspírian educational consultant. Your first step towards success is to meet with us for an initial free consultation to learn more about your educational goals.

The following questionnaire must be completed and submitted before the initial consultation.


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Our free half hour consultation allows students and families to learn more about our services and how it can be personalized towards his or her educational goals.

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