11th - 12th Grade Consulting

The last two years of high school, students begin to really contemplate and prepare for their future and what type of career they want to pursue. These years can be filled with self-doubt and anxiety about the decisions they need to make, or students can feel confident and motivated knowing they have an expert guiding them through the college admissions process.


High School Accomplishment

What can I do to deal with the pressure of navigating everything I want to accomplish during the last two years of high school?

College Applications

How do I determine what types and how many colleges to apply to?


What are certain dates and deadlines for the SAT/ACT tests, college applications, financial aid, college visit events, and other necessities along the application process?

Future Career

How do I confidently plan for my future career? I’m not sure I know what I want to do.

Our Promise

We will break down all the tasks to be completed in small simple steps so that you can still focus on maintaining your grades and enjoying your final high school years.


College List


Career Field

The Proof

The College Board suggests that students start recording all their accomplishments as early as possible in their high school years so that they can create a detailed resume of extracurriculars to submit with the college application.

An article in the US News and World Report states that students need to assess their educational goals, interests, abilities, and perspectives before starting to look at college websites and pamphlets.

According to the State of the College Admissions report, released by NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling), students are applying to more colleges than ever before, increasing the competition of being admitted to their top college, and are also applying earlier with Early Decision and Early Action.

A recent ACT study found that only one out of three students who took a recent ACT college assessment test intended to major in a subject that was a good fit for his or her strengths and preferences.

Opportunity & Next Steps

Your opportunity to be successful in the last two years of high school can be highly achieved with the guidance of an Aspírian educational consultant. Your first step towards success is to meet with us for an initial free consultation to learn more about your educational goals.

The following questionnaire must be completed and submitted before the initial consultation.


Request Initial Consultation

Our free half hour consultation allows students and families to learn more about our services and how it can be personalized towards his or her educational goals.

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