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It is our privilege to guide students toward colleges or universities tailored to meet their educational goals and aspirations.

Our Story

Aspírian Educational Consulting Firm was created and inspired by Rachel Fretz-Cianci, who has been a leader in the higher education industry for almost 15 years. She has had the privilege of working with students of all ages, from middle school to college graduates. During Rachel’s years working at various colleges and universities, both in admissions and academia, she noticed the challenges in reviewing students’ applications and the time allotted for those reviews. There were times when students who were qualified missed out on their dream schools not because they weren’t qualified, but because they weren’t prepared when it came time to present themselves.

Another reason for the establishment of Aspírian was to provide an avenue to enlighten students to personalize their college search. During Rachel’s years of academic advising, she met with countless students who needed counsel as they were struggling in college. Some students were struggling academically due to misunderstanding the rigor of college academics, or they realized the major wasn’t the right one for them, even after the first semester. There were students who discovered the college was way too big for them, or they really didn’t enjoy living in a busy city or a rural area, or it was too far away from home. Others had to drop out and continue elsewhere due to financial aid issues. We at Aspírian want to help students alleviate those struggles and inspire students to learn about themselves before making a decision that will shape their long-term future academically and financially.


We provide expert advice and guidance to parents and students in preparing for and navigating the college admissions process while helping students choose the right fit, where they will thrive, succeed, and graduate.


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About the Founder

Rachel Fretz-Cianci, founder and owner of Aspírian Educational Consulting Firm, has over 15 years experience in higher education. Her progressive experience in admissions, recruitment academic advising, counseling, and teaching provides a well-rounded perspective on the academic, social, emotional, and financial decisions that go along with choosing the right college. She is committed to adding value and exceeding expectations through creative idea generation, initiative, collaborative problem solving, disciplined decision-making, and a client-advocate mindset. Rachel is able to focus on strategic planning and critical details, while managing multiple priorities in an ever-changing academic environment. She excels at dealing with diverse, multicultural populations and aligning outcomes with the Aspírian mission.

What makes Rachel unique in the field of educational consulting is that not only has she worked in admissions at different colleges and universities and can guide you in the application process, but she has worked on the academic side of higher education for over 10 years. Her experience in advising college students in their everyday circumstances gives her insight into what high school students need to find their best college fit. Her experience working as a liaison with the following areas aids in determining how to choose the best fit for you: Financial Aid, Bursar, Registrar, Student Life, Cooperative Education/Experiential Learning, Athletics, Honors, Study Abroad, Academic Success Services, International Student Services, and Faculty Advisors/Mentors.

Let us help you choose the right college, where you can thrive, succeed, and graduate.

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